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Environment and Quality go hand in hand

At Combi-Therm Consumer, we take pride in ensuring efficient thermal protection. At the same time, we attach importance to taking good care of our planet.

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Miljø og kvalitet

Combi-Therm Consumer arbejder aktivt på at
nedbringe udledningen af CO2

Biobased or made from 80 % recycled plastics

Plasticis a controversial material which when used correctly, however, causes theleast environmental impact in many functions.

Thermal bags from Combi-Therm Consumer are one of these. Plastics can also help reduce CO2-emissions, e.g. in that it can extend the shelf life of foods and, thus, reduce food waste.The alternatives to plastic bags show that their environmental impact is significantly higher. If you compare an organic cotton bag with a plastic bag, you will need to reuse the cotton bag 20,000 times to achieve the same environmental impact. (According to a study from the Technical University of Denmark and controlled by Cowi).
Having said that, at Combi-Therm Consumer, we are actively working to reduce CO2-emissions.We do so by e.g. offering bags in 100 % PE (Mono-material) which makes it possible to recycle the bag. We are constantly working to increase the proportion of recycled material in our bagsand we also offer bags of bio-based plastic. For the past five years, Combi-Therm Consumer has worked to reduce CO2- emissions. We have now developed a thermal bag which contains up to 60 % recycled material. This saves approx. 16,500 kg of CO2/100,000 bags. The use of recycled PE reduces CO2-emissions by approx. 25 %.
It is the objective of Combi-Therm Consumer to be able to offer a thermal bag by 2025 which will further reduce CO2-emissions by
25 %.

Although, at Combi-Therm Consumer, we focus intensely on reducing CO2-emissions,as consumers, we must all contribute. This is why our bags are produced fromthe same PE material, inside as well as outside. They therefore do not contain any combination materials such as aluminium foil or thelike. Precisely for this reason, the bag can be recycled and included in a wider circuit instead of having to be incinerated.

Classic Line
Thermal bag

80 % regenerated material makes a difference to the environment. Recycle and reduce CO2 by 95 %

Quality and the environment are our highest priorities. That is why we have developed a foil approved for with a significant content of regenerated material. This is why we are able to offer our three-layered Classic Line thermal bag made from up to 80 % regenerated material. For each kilo of regenerated material used, CO2- emissions are reduced by 1.5kilos.At the same time, it is important to use only foils approved for food to avoid the migration of harmful substances in to the food.

The strong materials mean that the Combi-Therm Consumer thermal bag can be reused many times over. In this way, you save both resources and CO2-emissions.If the thermal bag is reused just 25 times, this corresponds to a CO2-reductionof 96 % (compared to using the bag only once). A plastic thermal bag causes a significantly lower overall environmental impact than a paper thermal bag(Source: Cowi). At the same time, the plastic thermal bag can be reused many more times.

New Line thermal bag in Biobased plastic

The bag with the positive carbon footprint

In recent years, various biobased plastics have emerged. Plastic based on sugarcane from Braskem in Brazil is themost common one. Braskem's sugarcane plastic is of the same quality as ordinary types of plastic but is completely unique in that, unlike other plastic, it has a positive carbon footprint.

Throughout the process, the sugarcaneplastic has a positive carbon footprint of 3 kg per kilo of bioplastic. With plastic from Braskem, the environment is protected while the same high qualityis achieved as with a traditional thermal bag. This thermal bag can be made from sugarcane plastic, either in whole or in part.

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