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Products are safely transported from A to B

Thermal bags for Retail & Promotion

The significant carrying capacity of our thermal bags means that not only can they be reused many times over but customers can also confidently transport food from A to B.
Quality bags can contribute to strengthening your brand in several ways.

Can quality bags strengthen your brand?

Promoting thermal bags increases sales of both products and thermal bags, just like it also increases awareness of the business and contributes to improving its image.
VMI - Vendor Managed Inventory
Mange af vores kunder benytter vores VMI løsning.
Vi lagerfører dine produkter og de kan trækkes efter behov. Det eneste vi skal bruge er forecast, nemt og bekvemt.
Your advantages
1. Kort leveringtid - dag til dag leveringstid fra vores lagre.

2. Økonomisk fordel, da vi kan producere i større skala.

3. Global levering - fra vores lager i Randers eller fra en af vores EU lagre.

Circular economy is very important to us.

Circular economy
The cornerstone of Combi-Therm Consumer is that all our products contribute to and are part of the circular economy. We think of saving resources and make quality products that are durable and may be reused many times over. All our products are made from mono-material which makes recycling easy and lets them eventually become part of new products.

We produce quality products made from mono-material consisting of 80 % recycled materials.
Our products can be reused many times over and they are a better alternative than disposable products. By reusing the same product many timesover, we save resources and our carbon footprint is significantly reduced.
After the last use,the products must be recycled and they are converted into new regranulate which is used in new products. And, thus, the circle starts over.
Thermal bags tailored to your business

Tailored solutions – even in small quantities

At Combi-Therm Consumer, we offer tailored solutions and we are happy to solve both small and large tasks. We offer personalised printing of as little as 3,000 metres of foil.

We have several different bag solutions to choose from and offer printing with up to eight colours. We can also provide the ideal solution regardless of the purpose and occasion.

Increase awareness of your brand.
Strengthen the image of your brand by choosing high quality and environmental friendliness.
Promote certain product lines.
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We help all types of companies move products from A to B and to secure the cold chain. We help all from online food services, retailer and medico.

Circular economy