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It is about peace of mind

Thermal and shock-absorbent shipping bags

Combi-Therm Consumer’s shipping bags provide efficient thermal protection as well as protection from shocks and bumps. The shipping bag has tape closure and working with it is therefore easy and quick.
Our bags, your security

Products are safely transported from A to B

The significant carryingcapacity and shock-absorbent properties of our bags means that not only can they be reused many times over but customers can also confidently transport food and other types of products from A to B.

Tapeor tab closure
Shipping bags for Home Delivery& Takeaway

Circular economy is very importantto us.

Circular economy
The cornerstone of Combi-ThermConsumer is that all our products contribute to and are part of the circulareconomy. We think of saving resources and make quality products that aredurable and may be reused many times over. All our products are made from mono-materialwhich makes recycling easy and lets them eventually become part of new products.

We produce quality products made from mono-material consisting of 80 % recycled materials.
Our products can be reused many times over and, thus, they are a better alternative than disposable products. By reusing the same product many timesover, we save resources and our carbon footprint is significantly reduced.
After the last use, the products must be recycled and they are converted into new regranulate which is used in new products. And, thus, the circle starts over.
It is about peace of mind

Quality bags that strengthen your brand

Since our shipping bags can be reusedmany times over, by using these, you show your customers that you make an activeeffort to remedy environmental issues.
At the same time, the use of the bags indicate that these are products thatdeserved being protected during transport.

Strengthen the image of your brand by choosing high quality and environmental friendliness.
The highest carrying capacity in the market
Biobased or made from 80 % recycled plastics.
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We help all types of companies move products from A to B and to secure the cold chain. We help all from online food services, retailer and medico.

Circular economy